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“Get Paid to Build Your Downline in ANY MLM”


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Want to Earn a SECOND INCOME While You’re Recruiting?
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Dear Network Marketer,

Let’s get real with each other for a second:

Who’s Making Millions of Dollars in Network Marketing?

It’s the people who TRAIN network marketers.

There are MILLIONS of network marketers worldwide – and 90% don’t know HOW to build their downline. The demand for “how to” MLM training is huge.

After all, you can have the best MLM… product… comp plan… and incentives, but if you don’t know HOW to recruit and grow your downline, you’ll always be stuck at ZERO.

That’s why speakers, trainers, and gurus make 7-figure and 8-figure incomes selling their books, courses, and home-study programs to this massive market.

And, with the worldwide growth in MLM, this market is getting bigger and bigger.

Now, YOU can tap into the millions to be made in the “MLM Training Industry” and…

“Get Paid to Build Your MLM Downline”

My name is Jeff Gardner and I’ve been a network marketer for over 25 years. During this time, I’ve recruited thousands of distributors… built massive downlines… been a featured speaker at live MLM events (including the World MLM Summit in San Diego, CA)… and I was even the past President of a network marketing company.

I KNOW Multi-Level Marketing.

I’ve also generated millions of dollars in sales, coaching thousands of students in the “Home Business” industry.

Now, I’m offering you a unique opportunity to tap into this multi-million dollar industry – and build your downline at the same time!

What you’re about to discover will let you “Earn While You Recruit”.

Keep reading and I’ll explain everything to you, step-by-step…

FINALLY: The Jealously-Guarded Secrets Behind How
MLM “Top Earners” Build Massive Downlines from Scratch

First, let’s talk “MLM Training”…

Right now, I’m launching a new Online MLM Training Center called Unstoppable Sponsoring.

Unstoppable Sponsoring is a an all-in-one Membership Site that trains network marketers worldwide how to start from scratch and build a passive residual income – using only “high-leverage” marketing strategies that deliver shocking results.

These aren’t “old school” techniques.

Our Members get breakthrough marketing strategies designed to create an “Unstoppable” MLM business. Our focus is on creating systems, “automatic recruiting”, outsourcing, and generating multiple streams of income… in a minimum amount of time.

Our Motto Is:

Work Less. Make More. LIVE LIFE!

To introduce network marketers to Unstoppable Sponsoring, I’m giving away my $197 value “Unstoppable Sponsoring Workshop” for only $1 – when they take a 30-Day Risk-Free Unstoppable Sponsoring Trial Membership.

And 100% of the $1 fee is donated to charity. (More on that in a moment…)

The online video-based “Unstoppable Sponsoring Workshop” reveals the same strategies I and other successful MLM’ers have used to generate an endless supply of red-hot MLM leads… recruit them with NO PERSONAL SELLING… and create “SuperSonic Duplication” that grows downlines at record-shattering speeds.

Here’s exactly what you’ll discover inside the workshop…


Discover How to Get Endless FREE LEADS… Recruit Them on “Auto-Pilot”… And Become a Top Earner in YOUR MLM

Inside the Unstoppable Sponsoring Workshop, you’ll discover…

  • The Subway™ Secret: How to go from ZERO to TOP EARNER with a hidden “Duplication Secret” from the world’s largest restaurant chain.
  • My $297,106 Case Study: How I personally enrolled 717 distributors… generated a downline of 3,823… and made almost $300,000 in “non-MLM” income at the same time… my FIRST 11 MONTHS in a new MLM.
  • Where to find deep wells of “red-hot prospects” with money… looking for an opportunity like yours to join… and how to scoop up as many as you want… Absolutely FREE!
  • The Robotic Sponsor System: How to clone and automate your sponsor (or an upline “Top Earner”) to close 100% of your prospects for you, even if it’s 3am. (TIP: This is a killer recruiting strategy for new distributors who don’t have their own “success story” yet)
  • Worried About Your Distributors Jumping Ship? Here’s why you should LOVE it when they do… BUT how to put a PADLOCK on the winners who will work hard, duplicate, and increase your passive residual income!
  • Behind-the-Scenes Infomercial Secrets: The jealously-guarded marketing tricks I learned as a “Success Story” on the set of a multi-million dollar infomercial… that can put your recruiting on steroids.
  • How to get a non-MLM army of marketers to build your downline for you… at no cost to you… and the “magic motivator” that will keep them working for you, around the clock.
  • The 53 Cent Solution: Costs less than a candy bar each day, but this tiny investment will be your “secret weapon” for becoming a contest-winning “Top Recruiter” in any MLM.
  • What I learned from Colonel Sander’s (yes, the founder of KFC) that cut my “work time” by 80%… but more than DOUBLED my income!
  • The Beach Recruiting Strategy: How to recruit 10 to 25 new distributors into your MLM automatically, every Thursday night, with no phone and no computer. Yes, even while you’re on the beach.
  • Wonder Why Your Distributors Don’t Duplicate? Here’s 1 simple technique that will give your distributors a jolt – and send a rolling wave of duplication through your downline.
  • The Perpetual “Mass Recruiting” Method: Set up this simple system on Saturday – and it’ll let you “sleep and grow rich” for years to come.
  • How even the greenest newbie can recruit like the “Big Fish” in your MLM (WARNING: When you pass the old guard “top earners” like they were standing still, expect them to whine to corporate headquarters.)
  • What you MUST SAY in your advertising to attract motivated “MARKETERS” who will actually build their MLM… and what you MUST NEVER SAY if you want to avoid the fly-by-night “opportunity seekers” who will jump ship after a week!
  • My blueprint for the “Motivated Downline Machine”: A hands-free, hassle-free system that will create leads, recruit distributors, train them for you – and spit out motivated, excited “Power Recruiters” that skyrocket your MLM income!
  • REQUIRED READING: The ONE CHAPTER of a life-changing book YOU MUST READ! It’s one of thousands- but if you read this 1 chapter every day for the next 7 days – you WILL become an “Unstoppable Network Marketer”. (Want BIGGER results? Read this entire book, cover-to-cover)
  • Feel OVERWHELMED with too much to do and learn – but so little time? Here’s one-minute technique to wipe out “overwhelm” and accomplish your goals in HALF the time.
  • The E + R = O Formula: What it means and why it’s the #1 key to your ultimate success and dream lifestyle. (Believe me: You’ll want to write it on the back of a business card and carry it with you EVERYWHERE!)
  • WARNING: Your MLM company’s “Compliance Department” is NOT your friend… and here’s the ONE QUESTION you must ask them, word-for-word, that will either SECURE YOUR SUCCESS… or DOOM YOU TO FAILURE in your MLM. (Do this BEFORE you spend one penny marketing your MLM)
  • CONTROVERSIAL, BUT TRUE: How to Make More Money DROPPING OUT of an MLM – than Getting Into One!
  • How to EASILY Get $1,000 to $2,500 in cash in 7 to 10 days to advertise your MLM business… that you never have to pay back. (It Works! I’ve gotten over $946,000 of this money over the last 25 years. See how to do it yourself.)
  • How to Go from 1 Monthly Commission Check… to 5, 10, or even More… with No Extra Work or Investment. My weird “McDonald’s Method” works like a charm. You’ll love it!
  • The “Viral Marketing Secret Sauce”... that got my MLM report downloaded 27,506 times – and grew my downline on 24/7 auto-pilot. (PLUS: I’ll even reveal my secret 1-Click Viral Rebrander Secret Weapon)
  • How to Get FREE “Head Hunters” to find experienced marketers who will grow your downline and increase your money – on their time and their dime.

…and much, much more.

This training WILL transform your recruiting and your income.

Now, through this special Trial Offer, you can access the complete Unstoppable Sponsoring Workshop… a $197 value… for just $1, when you claim your 30-Day Risk-Free Trial Membership.

But the workshop is just the beginning…

Every Month, You’ll Get MORE “Insider Secrets” from MLM Masters to Take Your Business to the NEXT LEVEL!

If you don’t cancel your membership and choose to remain a Member after your first 30 day trial, you’ll get a new cutting-edge training session each month – from myself and my “Board of MLM Advisors” – for the introductory price of just $40 monthly.

That’s 56% off of our $97 monthly subscription rate – locked in for life.

As an Unstoppable Sponsoring Member, you will get to peek “behind-the-scenes” and discover, step-by-step, how the world’s top MLM experts create large downlines from scratch.

Our “Board of MLM Advisors” includes…

Matt Morris

From living in his car to self-made millionaire, Matt Morris (author of The Unemployed Millionaire) is a true rags-to-riches MLM success story. Matt’s companies have generated in excess of $20 million in sales – with over 100,000 customers in 190 countries. He’s a Master MLM Trainer who can show you what it takes to go from zero to true, sustainable success in network marketing.

Daegan Smith

Known as the “King of Never Calling a Single Lead”, Daegan is famous for his “maximum leverage” strategies that help him generate massive number of leads and grow huge downlines – with no personal selling. His marketing secrets have helped him generate 2,244 leads in 24 hours and create up to 37 checks per month using the “Power of Multiple Income Streams”.


Noah St. John

Noah is an internationally respected coach, speaker, and the author of “The Secret Code of Success”. His techniques help people take their “foot off the brakes” – and regularly double their income in a matter of weeks by working less. Noah has also worked extensively with leaders in the world’s largest network marketing companies.

John LiDemme

John LiDemme built a massive marketing team of over 25,000 reps in 10 countries – and earned a seven-figure passive residual income. Today, he’s changing lives around the globe through his MLM training and personal development coaching company. As a multi-million dollar entrepreneur, John is one of the most highly sought after strategic business coaches in the world.


Rob Fore

From broke and homeless… to network marketing superstar… Rob Fore knows what it takes to build a multiple six-figure residual income in the MLM profession. Using highly effective Internet marketing strategies, Rob has been able to build an organization of over 11,000 distributors – and become a “million dollar producer”. Today, Rob teaches others how to build an income online – while avoiding the mistakes and pitfalls.

Eric Bechtold

A “dark horse” who rarely shares his innovative methods, Eric is famous for shattering recruiting records when he joins a new company. His method of combining offline and online marketing has given him an uncanny ability to become a “Top Recruiter” in a company – within the first 30 to 60 days after joining.

And there are many, many more who will reveal their closely-guarded secrets – inside each month’s latest issue.

These are just a few of the MLM Masters who will show you how THEY built their own MLM downlines and income… starting from scratch. Now, you can duplicate their methods in your MLM and start to see impressive results.

All of the training inside Unstoppable Sponsoring has ONE GOAL: To help you finally crack the code… build a massive MLM downline… and achieve the income you’ve been promised.

BUT the “MLM Training” is only HALF of what you’ll get as a Member.

You see, I’ve built this system so it actually PAYS YOU – while you’re building your downline.

Earn a Second Income – While You’re Recruiting

Now, let’s talk about how you get paid…

As an Unstoppable Sponsoring Member, you can also create a RESIDUAL MONTHLY INCOME by giving away “$1 Trial Memberships” to your leads, prospects, downline, and anyone interested in MLM.

It’s a Perfect Combination:

  • #1: Recruit More Distributors – Using the Unstoppable Sponsoring Training
  • #2: Refer Your Leads & New Distributors to the Trial Membership – And Get Paid Monthly.

When you join Unstoppable Sponsoring for just $1, you’ll instantly get your very own affiliate link for this exact site. All you do is use our ready-to-go promotional tools… along with our step-by-step marketing instructions… to give away as many of these Trial Memberships as possible.

Refer your new MLM recruits… refer leads that don’t convert… or refer anyone you come in contact with who is interested in MLM.

You can give away 10… 100… even 1,000 or more Trial Memberships.

As a Member, you can give away an UNLIMITED NUMBER OF TRIAL MEMBERSHIPS.

When your referred Members stay after their 30-day trial, you’ll receive 40% of their $40 monthly subscription fee. That’s $16 you’re paid for each person who remains a member.

And you’ll be paid this 40%… every month… as long as your referrals continue our training.

  • With only 3 Members, your monthly commission check covers your $40 membership fee and puts you into profit. Refer 1 person per week in your first month – and when the $40 fee kicks in, you’ll already be making more than you’re paying. It’s like getting your training “free”.
  • 50 Members pays you enough to support a multi-media advertising campaign to help you grow your downline.
  • And 100 Memberscan start to turn into real income… making a car payment, helping with your mortgage, or funding a nice vacation. That’s less than 2 referrals each week over a year.

With millions of struggling network marketers worldwide, you can see how referring even just a few people each week can quickly grow into a significant monthly income.

Serious network marketers will want to take this $1 TRIAL MEMBERSHIP, because for just pennies on the dollar, they get access to a video training workshop that can show them how to build their downline in virtually ANY MLM!

With so much value… for just $1… you’ll find it easy to refer new Members and build your monthly residual income – while you’re getting the “insider secrets” you need to know to build your own MLM business.

Best of all, when you recommend Unstoppable Sponsoring to your downline, you’re insuring that they’re getting the training they need to be successful in your opportunity.

We’ll Do The Training… And You’ll Reap the Rewards!

Now, if that wasn’t enough… “getting paid to build your downline”… it gets even better…

You’ll Get Paid As Your Referred Members
Give Away Trial Memberships, Too!

Here’s where your income can really take off…

To reward you for your referrals, we made our “Affiliate Program” a 2-Tier Program.

This means that…

  • You’re paid 40% on the Monthly Fees of Your Own Referrals…
  • And a Second-Tier 10%Commission on the Referrals of Your Members.

Our 2-Tier Affiliate Program has the potential to multiply your residual income… with no extra effort on your part.

Here’s how it works:

Each one of your referred Members becomes an Affiliate who can also give away $1 Trial Memberships to Unstoppable Sponsoring.

When they do, they’ll keep the 40% monthly profit on their own personal referrals.

And WE’LL PAY YOU AN OVERRIDE OF 10% on all of their referrals, every month!

That’s $4 per month (10% of the $40 monthly fee)… added to your commission check… on every referral made by every Member you refer to Unstoppable Sponsoring.

  • If 10 Members each refer 10 new Members, you’ll be paid 10% on 100 monthly Memberships. That’s $400* added to your commission check – EVERY MONTH.
  • If 20 Members each refer 20 new Members, you’ll be paid 10% on 400 monthly Memberships. That’s $1,600* added to your commission check – EVERY MONTH.
  • And, if 50 Membersrefer up 50 new Members, you’ll be paid 10% on 2,500 monthly Memberships. That’s $10,000* added to your commission check – EVERY MONTH.

* These are mathematical projections only. These are not a guarantee of income/earnings.

The more Members you refer… and the more referrals they make… the bigger your monthly residual income check can grow.

Now, you’re not only making money on your efforts, you’re making a residual monthly income on the efforts of dozens… 100’s… even 1,000’s of other Members, motivated to make as much money as possible.

And, if that’s not enough, we’ve built in a way for you to get “income bumps” over the coming months and years… without any additional work.

Get a Surprise “Bump” in Your Monthly
Check Anytime We Launch New Products!

When you join today – we’ll make sure you’re paid for years to come.

In the coming months, we’re launching new “Coaching Programs” offering in-depth, advanced coaching on a variety of MLM marketing and business-building topics. Everything from “How to Run Six-Figure Ad Co-Ops” to “How to Create Endless MLM Leads… For Free!”

We’ll launch these new products on a regular basis to all members. They can instantly buy and “unlock” each training program from right INSIDE their Membership back-office.

It’s entirely possible that as our Membership grows, we can have multiple six-figure… even seven-figure product launches.

In our tracking system, your referred Members are tied to your account. So whenever ANY of your personally-referred Members buys any of these upcoming products, we’ll pay you the full 40% of the retail price.

We Make The Sales… AND YOU GET PAID!

Since our future products will range from $100 to $1,000 or more, you could see regular “bumps” in your monthly commission of $40… $200… even $400 on each Member’s purchase.

But here’s the best part:

You’ll also be paid your SECOND-TIER 10% COMMISSION on the sales we make to people referred by each and every one of the Members you referred.

Imagine: If you refer 100 Members who refer only 10 Members each, you’d have 1,000 second-tier Members. If only 10% of them bought a new $500 product, you’d see a $5,000 “bump” on your next commission check.

And the MORE MEMBERS you refer… and the MORE MEMBERS your Members refer, the bigger your monthly commissions can become.

The Key: Refer as many Members as possible to the $1 Trial of Unstoppable Sponsoring.

Join Today – and Get 2 “Instantly Rebrandable” Viral Marketing Reports to Grow Your MLM Business and Your Unstoppable Sponsoring Monthly Income

As a Bonus for taking the $1 Trial Membership, you’ll also get 2 new tools created specifically to help you recruit more distributors into your primary MLM – and grow your Unstoppable Sponsoring monthly commission check.

Viral eReport #1

10 Secrets of MLM Millionaires 

This e-report exposes the closely-guarded secrets of network marketing’s “million dollar producers”. Inside, you’ll see what separates these MLM masters from the masses. Rebrand it – and it’s yours to use – to build your downline and passive residual income.

Viral eReport #2 

7 MLM Secrets THEY Don’t Want You to Know

This e-report reveals a handful of fool-proof marketing strategies used by MLM’s Top Recruiters. This power-packed report reveals what it takes to transform a “timid recruiter” into an unstoppable marketer. Rebrand it – and it’s yours to use – to build your downline and passive residual income.

Rebrand Each Report With 1 Click & Give Them Away FREE...

Just enter any MLM website and the Affiliate ID we give you into our online “rebrander”, click a button, and your reports are instantly re-branded with your links. It’s so easy, you can have these reports branded and ready-to-use in less than 2 minutes after joining.

You also get LIFETIME GIVEAWAY RIGHTS to your rebranded reports (and all future viral reports we produce). Sell them. Offer them as bonuses. Use them as tools to generate leads and recruit distributors. Or follow our step-by-step training to give away 1,000’s of copies, free.

These reports will be your 24/7 automatic “sales people”… promoting your MLM and building your Unstoppable Sponsoring monthly income. Best of all, your referred Members can also re-brand and giveaway these viral reports – and you’ll be paid the second-tier 10% commission on their referrals, too.

Imagine: You could get paid a growing residual monthly income as more and more copies of these viral reports circulate worldwide. And they’re yours to re-brand and use, in any way you wish, once you claim your Trial Membership to Unstoppable Sponsoring for just $1.

Here are the Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Claim Your $1 Trial Membership to Unstoppable Sponsoring RIGHT NOW!
  • Finally “Crack the Code” – and Become the Top Earner You Were Meant to Be…
    First and foremost, you’re going to get the training you need to succeed in ANY MLM. Every month, inside the Unstoppable Sponsoring Membership Site, you’ll discover the strategies, secrets, and systems that have helped myself and other MLM Masters go from zero to success in network marketing. If you want to know what it really takes, step-by-step, to build a long-term income in your MLM company, you’ll find the answers inside Unstoppable Sponsoring.
  • Earn a Passive Residual Income While You Learn…
    You can also immediately start to earn a residual monthly income on every prospect, distributor, and opportunity seeker you refer to Unstoppable Sponsoring who stays after their initial trial membership. This can pay for your training AND put extra residual income in your pocket to help you promote your primary MLM. Why wait to make money, when you can “earn while you learn”?
  • Motivate Your Downline to Duplicate, Faster & Easier…
    Unsure how to train your downline? Let Unstoppable Sponsoring do it for you – and get paid while your downline learns. As your downline grows, refer them to the $1 Trial Membership. Our MLM Masters will train your downline… and we’ll pay you a second-tier 10% on anyone they refer to this Trial Membership (plus all future sales). This increases your paycheck in your primary MLM – and grows your monthly Unstoppable Sponsoring commission as well. It’s a win/win for everyone.
  • Profit From Massive Worldwide Demand…
    There are millions of network marketers worldwide, many who have NO CLUE about how to build a full-time income in MLM. The top MLM company worldwide has 6.5 million distributors. The next 4 have 6,700,000 combined. (Even number 47 on the “Top 100 MLM’s Globally has 1.4 million distributors). The demand for this type of training is massive… and just a few referrals (who also refer new Members) can create a sizable residual income check for you that can grow with each passing month.
  • Create a Secondary Income Stream for Financial Security…
    You’re in a dangerous position if you rely on just one income stream. Financial security comes from having multiple income streams. Now, you can create a secondary income by referring people to the Unstoppable Sponsoring Trial Membership, while you’re building your primary income in your MLM opportunity. This doubles the checks in your mailbox each month.
  • Keep Getting Paid… Even When Distributors Jump Ship…
    Distributors often “jump ship” to go to the next “Hot MLM”, but they still need training. Now, if you lose a distributor, you can continue making money on their Unstoppable Sponsoring Membership fees. Even if they leapfrog from MLM to MLM, you can continue to get paid on their Membership fees… and all future product purchases. Finally, you have an answer to the age-old problem of “attrition” in your downline.
  • Finally Make Money from Leads Who DO NOT JOIN Your MLM…
    As you’re marketing, you’ll attract leads who are interested in MLM, but NOT your specific opportunity. Instead of losing money on these leads, now you can turn them into profit by referring them to your $1 Trial Membership site. If they have a serious interest in MLM… and they’re one of the millions of network marketers worldwide who need help building their downline… you can turn your normally “bad leads” into a long-term residual income.
  • Cash-In On The Efforts Of All of Your Referred Members…
    The power of MLM is the ability to make money on the efforts of others. With Unstoppable Sponsoring, you can get paid a 10% second-tier income on the efforts of all of your personally-referred Members. To make sure you’re “compliant” with your MLM’s rules and regulations, we are NOT a multi-level marketing company. We’re simply an MLM Training Company with a 2-Tier Affiliate Program. This lets you promote our Trial Membership without running afoul of your MLM company – but still create hands-free income on the recruiting efforts of your Members.
  • Get “Commission Bumps” on All Future Member Sales…
    You also get paid long-term on all future purchases made by your referrals… and on your Members’s referrals… for years to come. Every time we launch a new product, you can see surprise “bumps” in your monthly commission check. And there’s no additional promotion on your part to profit from these new product launches. We’ll launch the product to your referrals – and pay you whenever they buy anything in the future. It’s our way of saying “Thank You” you long term for your all referral efforts.
  • Create A Passive Residual Income That Sticks…
    It’s a fact of life that some MLM companies go out of business. Or they change their comp plans and sharply drop your income. In one situation, I witnessed an MLM company completely eliminate their network marketing division. Distributors, even in the highest ranks, were scrambling to find a new MLM to call home. When you promote Unstoppable Sponsoring WITH your primary opportunity, you’re building up a secondary residual income that will stick with you – regardless of what happens with your MLM company. Whether something happens to your company… or you decide to move to another MLM… your Unstoppable Sponsoring income will remain with you. The smartest network marketers understand that the key to financial security is “multiple income streams”.

You get all of these benefits… the Unstoppable Sponsoring Workshop (a REAL $197 value), PLUS the 2 Rebrandable Viral eReports, as well as everything you need to promote and profit by sharing this offer with others… for just $1.

  • Viral eReport #1 – 10 Secrets of MLM MillionairesThis e-report exposes the closely-guarded secrets of network marketing’s “million dollar producers”. Inside, you’ll see what separates these MLM masters from the masses. Rebrand it – and it’s yours to use – to build your downline and passive residual income.
  • Viral eReport #2 – 7 MLM Secrets THEY Don’t Want You to KnowThis e-report reveals a handful of fool-proof marketing strategies used by MLM’s Top Recruiters. This power-packed report reveals what it takes to transform a “timid recruiter” into an unstoppable marketer. Rebrand it – and it’s yours to use – to build your downline and passive residual income.
  • The Unstoppable Sponsoring Workshop (REAL VALUE:$197)The online video-based “Unstoppable Sponsoring Workshop” reveals the same strategies I and other successful MLM’ers have used to generate an endless supply of red-hot MLM leads… recruit them with NO PERSONAL SELLING… and create “SuperSonic Duplication” that grows downlines at record-shattering speeds.
  • Access to Our Board of DirectorsLearn from the Superstars of Network Marketers.  Our Board of Advisors include Eric Bechtold, Daegan Smith, Jeff Gardner, Noah St. John, John LiDemme, Rob Fore, and Many Many MORE!
  • The 40/10 Comp Plan:  Earn While Your Recruit

    When you take the $1 Trial Offer, you’ll instantly be able to tell your downline about Unstoppable Sponsoring, and when they signup – you get paid.  The first tier pays 40% of all subscriptions, product launches, events, and ALL future purchases.  Then, when your recruits tell others – you get paid an additional 10% on the second tier.

REMEMBER: Simply refer simply 3 people in your first 30 days, and you’ll be making more in profit than your monthly fee of only $40. Refer 5 to 10 to the Trial Membership and you could be making $80 to $160 or more your first month. 100 or more referrals – and you’re earning a solid extra income, especially if your referrals are also generating income. This is bonus “passive residual income”, mailed to you monthly.
Now Your Unstoppable Sponsoring Trial
Membership is BETTER Than Risk-Free

Take the 30-Day Test Drive of Unstoppable Sponsoring for just $1. If you’re not 100% convinced that our training… and income opportunity… can transform your MLM business, simply let us know anytime within the first 30 days – and you won’t be billed.

However, even if you do cancel during your 30-Day Trial Period, please keep the Unstoppable Sponsoring Workshop (a $197 Value) – and your 2 rebranded viral reports – as our gift for having the courage to try something new. And you can even continue to promote, and profit from, giving away Trial Memberships to Unstoppable Sponsoring. Yes, even if you “drop out”, you can still create a growing residual income by referring others to this special trial offer.

That’s “Better-Than-Risk-Free”.

The only way you can lose is if you don’t take advantage of this $1 Trial Membership right now.

Join Right Now and Get Paid to Help Us
Give $100,000 to Help Alleviate Poverty

When you join today, your $1 going to help someone in need who is working hard to pull themselves out of poverty. 100% of every $1 Trial Membership fee is being donated to a non-profit organization called Kiva. This non-profit uses these funds to help alleviate poverty around the globe.

My goal is to give away 100,000 Trial Memberships, so that I can donate $100,000 to Kiva and transform the lives of people worldwide who want a better life for themselves and their families.

When you join today… and refer others… you’re helping us get closer to this $100,000 goal. With Unstoppable Sponsoring, you truly can “Do Well by Doing Good”.

Don’t Wait Another Moment. Join Now.

Timing is critical. Unstoppable sponsoring is gaining massive momentum, but we’ve only just begun. 99% of the world’s millions of network marketers have yet to be introduced to our breakthrough training and residual income system.

Your best opportunity to both discover how to create a full-time MLM income… and create a growing “passive residual income” sharing Unstoppable Sponsoring with others… is right now!

Sign Up Now – and Finally Get Paid to Build Your MLM Income.

Best Wishes,

Jeff Gardner
President, WealthWorld